Therapeutic massage

A therapeutic body massage consists of unhurried, light but rather intense stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibrations, which allows you to work the whole body in a complex and layer-by-layer manner. Combining these techniques in a certain order, the following areas are worked through and massaged:
  • Back (from the sacrum to the cervical region);
  • Chest (from the sternum to the axillary lymph nodes);
  • Lumbar, sacral and pelvic areas (towards the lymph nodes);
  • Legs (from feet to knee joint, from knee joint to pelvic girdle);
  • Abdomen (straight and oblique abdominal muscles);
  • Arms (from the hand to the shoulder joint).
This type of massage is aimed at relieving fatigue, muscle tension, bringing muscles to normotonichnoe state, effectively affects the spine, promotes its traction. A session of classical massage gives a beneficial effect on the general emotional state of a person and increases the tone of the body.
You can choose a comfortable duration of classical massage - from 60 to 90 (recommended) minutes.