Modeling massage

Modeling massage is a technique that includes anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage and honey massage based on the principles of ancient Indian procedures with the use of special cosmetics and body oils. This type of massage is aimed at slimming and recovery of the body, giving a beautiful contour and improving the quality of the skin, accelerating metabolism and activation of the lymphatic system.
In each case I will select a special method of modeling massage, aimed at a positive impact on your skin.
Modeling massage effectively restores skin turgor, has an anti-cellulite effect on problem areas of certain areas - abdomen, back surface of thighs, buttocks, reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat, smooths the relief of the skin and increases muscle tone.

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is a manual action on the epidermis (top layer of skin) and subcutaneous fatty tissue.
Anti-cellulite massage is aimed at relaxing the outer tissues, improving muscle tone and blood circulation. This type of massage allows you to "break" the fat layer in problem areas, reduce the manifestations of cellulite and promotes weight loss. A course of anti-cellulite massage helps to tighten the skin and improve its condition.
This technique is carried out manually, including stroking, pinching, gripping and general massage work of tissues in problem areas.

Lymphatic Drainage Modeling Massage.
Lymphatic drainage modeling massage is a complex of massage procedures aimed at removing excess fluid and toxins from the body, eliminating swelling and stimulating metabolism.
With the help of lymphatic drainage modeling massage from the body leaves the accumulated excess fluid, resumes intercellular exchange, eliminates stagnation in the muscles, normalizes the work of the lymphatic system and reduces cellulite.
Lymphatic drainage modeling massage is aimed at stimulating the movement of lymph from the organs to the central lymphatic vessels, activates metabolism and fluid removal, increases skin turgor, returns tone and energy to the body.