Foot massage
«Treatment for Tired Legs»

The legs are very often under tremendous strain, which over time leads to fatigue, vein problems, impaired circulation, swelling and the appearance of congestion in the blood vessels.
TREATMENT FOR TIRED LEGS is a massage technique aimed at relieving tension and fatigue in the feet, relaxation, ease, strengthening of blood and lymphatic vessels.
On the foot is located the largest number of biologically active points and nerve endings, the impact on which can improve the condition of many organs and increase vitality in general.
Regular foot massage returns vigor to the body, activates the lymphatic and circulatory systems and is a preventive measure for many malfunctions in the body.
Massage effect on the feet helps to relax and relieve fatigue, improve sleep and appetite, activate joint mobility, reduce blood pressure, get rid of tension in the legs, lift the mood.
The uniqueness of TREATMENT FOR TIRED LEGS massage lies in the fact that it combines foot massage and lymphatic drainage massage of legs from the foot to the hip joint. This combination of massage techniques allows you to feel lightness in the body, get a beautiful contour of the figure, improve the condition of the skin, remove metabolic products from the body, stimulates metabolic processes and improves lymphatic exchange